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What is Montessori?

Dr. Maria Montessori created the world renowned teaching method known as Montessori. 


With a deep emphasis on differentiation for each child, this method has produced powerful results for children. 


Indeed, many of the worlds most influential and creative people have been educated using the Montessori method, including:


Larry and Sergie, the Google guys

Jeff Bezos, Amazon founder

Julia Child, French Chef


FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Is there availability for my child?  


Yes, we do typically have openings.  You can sign up at any time, but you need to check with the office to confirm a start date because programs do fill quickly.  Commonly, to start in the fall, it is best to enroll in January.  Other start dates vary in availability, so to get the schedule that you want, register early. 


What is the tuition like?


Tuition is based on your monthly schedule.  For example, a two morning a week preschool tuition is about $280 per month, while a full day, full time nursery schedule is about $1100 per month.  We can get you the exact fee and start date available when we chat in person.


Why is Montessori so popular?


Our hands on, gentle instruction embraces each child.  Here, they are free to be exceptional.  We seek differentiated outcomes, not conforming to a norm.


What ages to do we serve?


We serve families with children from 6 weeks old through preschool, and school aged children until 12 years old in our After School Club and Summer Camp.


What is a typical day like?


Your child will have a consistent schedule, with ample academic, social, and play time both indoors and outside on the playground!


When are you open?


We are open Monday through Friday, 6:30 am to 6:30 pm.  We are closed for all major holidays and the week between Christmas Eve and New Years Day (maintenance week).  We are open on snow days as long as the roads are open.


What makes us different?


We start with providing our gentle program in a beautiful, clean building.  Our highly educated and skilled staff enthusiastically practice the Montessori method to develop a love of learning, the ability to concentrate, independent thinking skills, and social awareness.   We joyfully celebrate traditional Judeo-Christian holidays with fun for the whole family.


Welcome to Young Explorers Montessori.



All Young Explorers Montessori locations are  members of the International Montessori Council (IMC) and carry an Ohio Department of Job and Family Services License.


Additionally, some locations are also nationally accreditated through NAEYC (National Association of Educators of Young Children).

"Your staff is SUPERB! They are so unbelievably caring; they set expectations for the children that the children strive to reach. Audrey has blossomed...Read More

-Ms. Vicki Anderson Gregg, daughter Audrey, 5

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