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Avon Update Gone Sideways

From October 2015 - it was Halloween time and we were getting so anxious to get the new Avon building open that we shot this ridiculous tour!

A Star is Born: Cable TV commerical

This was our ALMOST last take of our first cable TV commerical.  Somehow we needed to eliminate 2 more seconds to get it down to 29 seconds - no feat!

Ancient Staff Testimonial

Our staffers got in on the video action to say what they liked about at YE.

Don't Judge: Mgr Bloopers

Ok, this is the prize for going to the end of our crazy videos!  When we started making videos, it was a LONG learning curve!  Here we are making fun of ourselves!

"Thank you for making my daughter's transition to school a smooth one. Ms. Whitney has been exceptionally welcoming and flexible. I feel assured that ...Read More

-Ms. Megan Holtz, daughter Elise, 2

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