Infant Nursery

6 weeks to Walking Age




We have a direct connection to each other using our app on your phone to share precious pictures and be in touch.


Leaving your infant in someone else's care is very difficult. You must be confident that he will not only get the same care and attention that you would give, but also benefit from perfect learning opportunities.


Young Explorers' Nursery will give you comfort and ease your mind. We baby your baby!


Our nursery is all about comfort and feeling loved. Upon arrival, the teachers will chat with you about the morning - what your baby has eaten, his mood, and anything to watch for, such as teething, tummy gurgles, or a new favorite way to play.


The nursery has a direct phone line, so you can call anytime to check in - we love to chat.


Yes, babies are naturally social and they have precious playtimes! Singing and exploring our curriculum makes for a stimulated brain. Receptive learning is taking place, and will later be expressed out when language develops. For now, it is all being absorbed, as Dr. Maria Montessori discovered, in what she named, "The Absorbent Mind".


At the end of your day, we'll share the log of the day's activities with you on our app (or email if your prefer), including the amounts of food eaten, naptimes, diaper change times, and play activities.


Call to schedule a quick tour and visit with our infant teachers. Let us explain the scheduled activities so you will know what your child's day would be like. Young Explorers teachers give tender, loving care while making the most of these irreplaceable years.


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