YE Twinsburg Building

We are so excited to be serving the Twinsburg community!


Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten
After School Club - open on snow days
Summer Adventure Camp (K - 6th graders)
Infant Care
Toddler Nursery School


School Hours: 6:30 am to 6:30 pm


All programs use the Montessori Method and have child care wrap-around. Far more than a day care, our child care hugs first and teaches second.


We enthusiastically practice the world-renowned Montessori Method of individualized, not standardized, learning.


Montessori students:


Work at their own pace, not set time limits
Value free thinking, not conformity to a norm 
Are doing, not pretending 
Use their natural curiousity
Enjoy a beautiful environment filled with lessons


See our Contact form for more information and the Enrollment Form there to reserve your child's place.


Enrollment order is as follows:


1. Students currently enrolled in other locations
2. Siblings of currently enrolled students
3. Legacy Students in families formerly enrolled
4. New students based on the date of receipt of enrollment fee


Thank you for visiting. For more information, please contact Josh Rahe at 330-963-0100.