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"When told we were expecting twins, we knew that Young Explorers day care would help us provide a great start for their lives. We knew this because our three year old has become such an intelligent, social child, in part, because of the influence of the staff at Young Explorers. We have appreciated the staff at the Streetsboro location for their kindness and knowledge. We are confident that our children are in a safe, caring, and enjoyable environment every day, and we feel fortunate that such a wonderful center is so conveniently located for us."

-Colin and Abby Waid, sons Eric, 3 Henry, infant and Michael, infant

"The teachers and the facilities are outstanding. Paige loves all of her teachers and we love how easy they are to work with. And their hugs are evident that they care about Paige. One of the things that she loves most is playing in the gym and sliding down the large spiral slide; that is the first thing she tells us everyday. She learns so much and that she gets to interact with children her own age. The children at the school are the only kids she feels comfortable around, so she probably considers them, and the teachers, part of her extended family. We are so happy and fortunate to have Young Explorers in Streetsboro. The facility, teachers, and the students are wonderful and provide the perfect environment for Paige to spend her days. Young Explorers provides so much more than the other schools in the area and it is comparable in price. While we were searching for daycares, we were getting worried that we would find nothing we liked because so many of the other locations were dirty, small, and not inviting. We also almost didn't look at Young Explorers because we assumed we couldn't afford it, but we are so glad we decided to!"

-Ms. Amy Gentile, daughter Paige (2.5 years)

"My two sons, ages 3 and 1, have been going to Young Explorers day care since they were 12 weeks old. Unlike some other day care centers, the teachers here really do "teach"; each class has a set curriculum and the children are challenged each day to learn and grow. The teachers are also very loving and caring - in fact, when my 1 year old recently moved up to the next classroom, his teacher cried because she was going to miss seeing him every day. In addition, they take pride in keeping the facility clean and organized, not to mention sanitized; which is just another reason why we choose to send our children here. We love Young Explorers, and are grateful that our children also love it and are excited to go to "school" every day! "

-Ms. Casey L. Krysiak, sons Matthew, 3 and Andrew, 1

"Thank you for making my daughter's transition to school a smooth one. Ms. Whitney has been exceptionally welcoming and flexible. I feel assured that my daughter is safe and well cared for during the day. I'm excited to see how she will blossom this school year."

-Ms. Megan Holtz, daughter Elise, 2

"Young Explorers has been a wonderful experience for my two sons, aged 2 and 5. First of all the facility and curriculum is top notch. The facility was very well designed and decorated. It is bright, cheery, and clean. It has an indoor and outdoor play area. The indoor play area is a must for the cold winters. The outdoor play area has two areas; one for the older children and one for the younger children. Young Explorers also has a music room with a great music program. My two-year old especially loves music class and is always singing new songs at home. Both my boys learned so much at an early age. Before they even start preschool they know their shapes, colors, alphabet, counting (Spanish and English). I’m very impressed by what the teachers are able to do! "

-Ms. Morgan Jacob, sons Lucas, 5 and Ryan 2

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